Quit smoking by connecting with tobacco

'The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, It's connection'

Your path to Freedom


Welcome.  First I would like to acknowledge you for making it this far.  It is not easy to admit to yourself that its time to let go.  Whether you have been smoking for a month or many years, deciding to let go takes courageYou are here because somewhere inside of yourself you have decided the time is now.

In many ways you have already accomplished the hardest part.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards your freedom.

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I want to share with you who this program is for

This program is for you if you

*  have tried many other techniques but they haven’t worked.

*  are curious about, entering or on a spiritual journey.

*  recognize tobacco is powerful.

*  appreciate or want to learn how to appreciate tobacco.

*.  are ready to fully love yourself and bow to your well being.

And most importantly, if you are ready to kick your habit.

This program can still work for you even if you

*  feel that you are not ready, but want to be ready.

*  are not sure where you stand, but know that you would like a more wholesome relationship     

    with tobacco.

This program may still work for you even if you

*  think its impossible to let go now but are curious and committed to following the program.

*  are in love with smoking and don’t want to let go, but know that it’s probably time.

This program may not be for you If You

*   want a quick fix

*   want a pill to do the trick. 

*   are not ready to commit to your well being.

*   cannot commit to the program

why this program is different from all of the others

Here we: 

*  work with the power of intention and the power of the plant to help you let go and be free of     


*. aim to support you every step of the way

*  combine western medical approach, eastern philosophies and shamanic practices

*  acknowledge that you like and may even love everything about smoking.  

*  are committed to tobacco as a sacred plant and teacher.

*  understand that addiction arises from the misuse of this very potent plant.

*  want to teach you how to come into right relationship with tobacco and by doing so come into

    right relationship with yourself.

Once you experience being in right relationship, it will be easier to let go. 

From there you are free to do as you wish.

'The only way out is through' Robert Frost

What the program includes:

In 2 months you will receive and practice everything you need to know to become free of addiction


we will practice: 

*  Shifting from cigarettes to natural tobacco

*  Mindfulness around tobacco

*  Intention setting around quitting smoking cigarettes 

*  Creating a sacred space with tobacco

*  Sacred tobacco rituals

*  Releasing yourself from the addiction until it naturally happens through the program

*  Diet to make the process of letting go easier

We will learn

*  Tobacco and its magical properties

*  Cleansing practices to help the body and mind detoxify after you are free

*  About ourselves


4 in person group meetings (also available live online)

Open Online Forum where I will offer guidance and support 2/3 times a week.

When:    May 7, May 21, june 18, july 9

Where:  GOlden drum or live on the web worldwide

Contribution:  $350


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Once you are free from addiction, you are free to incorporate the information into your life or totally let it all go.  Either way, you are FREE:).


How do we do it?

We move from destruction to creation.  From destroying your body and mind with addiction to powerful creation and manifestation through mindfulness and prayer.  Do you know what you are thinking about when you are smoking?  Are you stressed, anxious, impatient, creative?   Stress is the lead cause of disease and sickness.  We will FLIP IT, creating powerful intentions made from your dreams.  We will teach you how to meditate and pray with tobacco.  Through this process we will guide you towards quitting.  Once you let go through deep self respect and respect to the plant, you are free to use the knowledge you learned, or totally let it go.  

This may sound a bit strange and woo woo.  I assure you that this is very straightforward and simple.

About Tobacco:  Did you know that tobacco is an absorbent?  It can be used on bug bites and wounds to help heal through absorption.  In the same way it absorbs our thoughts and brings them into reality.  This is why some cultures use tobacco for prayer.  Tobacco is also used for protection, appreciation and much more.

Here is my story:

I was addicted to smoking cigarettes from 14-23/almost 10 years.  I smoked anywhere from 5 to a pack a day dependent on what was going on in my life.  In my early twenties, I started studying indigenous traditions and opening up to the wisdom of plants.  I started to pay attention to everything that was alive around me and listen to the messages being shared.  At 23, I used the very program that I will share with you.  In 2 months I was completely free from addiction and have been ever since.  Now I am 33, so it has been 10 years.   I have never had a relapse into smoking cigarettes.  I have always loved tobacco and never wanted to ‘quit’ or leave it behind.  I still love tobacco and work with it all the time.  Coming into right relationship took really letting go and not touching it for years.  You may be wondering how to do that.  It will all be thoroughly discussed and practiced in the program.  This program was created in collaboration with tobacco and all of the teachings I received from indigenous/Native American traditions.



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