~ Alyona is a dedicated student and teacher.  Her classes are sweet strong and potent. She has a great sense of touch and energy. When I take her class, I feel like I receive exactly what I need. I have very much enjoyed having her on my team.  I think you will too.

                            Schuyler Grant, Wanderlust Founder, Kula Yoga Project Founder, Teacher, 2015.

~ She is a force and guides a deeply sweet, fiercely potent moving meditation. Her classes feel like a sacred ceremony.

                       Aarona Pichinson, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Yoga Soundscape and Moon Deck, 2015.

~ Alyona has been a part of the Kula community in NYC for longer than I can remember. She is always ready to serve, no matter what is asked of her. Her spirit is light, her mind is always inquisitive, and her hands are magical. She is a thoughtful teacher and intelligent sequencer. She understands community and the deep need to help heal the people who have chosen this path.

                                         Nikki Villela, Founder of Kula Yoga Project Williamsburg, New York, 2015.

~ I met Alyona in Tulum at a retreat and loved her approach so much that I enlisted her as my personal yoga teacher in NYC.  I have been practicing with her for over 3 years now and feel deeply blessed to have her in my life.  Alyona is a highly experienced and professional teacher and she reconciles her professionalism with an incredibly warm and authentically caring approach. She is highly responsive to the needs of her students, and creatively crafts bespoke sessions to reflect the individual’s state of mind and physical profile.  Her method is holistic and she weaves in breathing practices, chant and meditation, body work and visualization into the yoga sessions. She is truly a radiant human being and practicing with her always brings joy.

                                                                            Clare Reinbach, AMC Network, New York, NY, 2015.