~ Alyona has magic hands, 

guided by deep anatomical knowledge and healer's intuition. Her bodywork sessions are incredibly dynamic, using leverage and gravity to allow the body to open, and a range of tools to communicate with the body and spirit.  I left the session buzzing.

Stephanie Hope, Nurse Practitioner, 2012.

~ I cannot say enough wonderful things about the sessions that I have had with Alyona. At times when I felt like my body was falling apart, she so generously put me back together again when I did not know where to turn for help. In times when I have not needed such immediate relief from pain, Alyona has transported me to some other place I would be happy to visit again soon. She is observant and intuitive about what you need and knows where to take you in the sessions. She creates a completely safe and loving environment and is so giving with her time, energy, and spirit. I would recommend her to anyone. 

Nikki Villela, Co Owner of Kula Williamsburg, 2013.

~ Alyona has an incredible understanding of the human body, not solely of its physiology but of its connection to the environment and world. She listens acutely to the events and stresses that have registered physically in your body and in the course of a session uses deep breathing and blood stopping techniques to release those stresses.  I've never walked away more clear-headed or more relaxed. I cannot recommend her more highly.  

 Laurel Holland, Writer, 2013.