What is a dieta?

A dieta is a commitment to self discovery and empowerment through purification and connection. We purify by eating a very simple diet, staying clear of all interactions (no facebook, instagram or email) and keeping noble silence.

The silence is not just through words. We practice gentle pratyahara, sense withdrawal with the exception of receiving teachings. In peru, pupils on dieta are encouraged to create music and connect deeply to the self. So during the training, we will encourage the creation of music, sequences and practice teaching. During the dieta, we will have an extra hour of free time and more hours of vipasana meditation. During the dieta we work with a specific diet. We have the option to work with two master plants: Bobinsana and Aho Sacha.


A medium sized tree shrub with pink flowers that grows close to the river beds. Bobinsana is a powerful yet gentle plant used to cleanse the blood, improve soft tissue flexibility, cleanse the feminine reproductive system and to open and heal the heart.

Ajo Sacha

This name translates to “mountain garlic” for the pungent smell of its leaves. A potent detoxifier that deeply cleanses the entire system. More magically, Ajo Sacha is used for protection and to enhance circulation.

* if you don’t feel called to the plants you are welcome to take the dieta portion without them – it will be effective and powerful on its own.

What can I expect to receive from the dieta?

Ever heard the expression, you are your own guru? Or you have all the information inside, just listen deeply and you will hear it? The process of dieta with our kiss of vipasana is meant to do exactly that. We offer the opportunity to let go of your identity, your work, your relationships, your life as you know it for 10 days. Just show up and be present. The ancient techniques will do the rest.