Akashic Records Recording Live

Somewhere in a place simultaneously near and far where time and space is an illusion, we open up into the vastness of this moment.  It is in this moment that everything has happened, is happening and will happen.  Here we hold our vessel pure and open for one of our dream keys to unlock a door into one idea that has infinite ways of manifesting itself.  Because attention and focus are close companions, I hold Maestro's memorable lesson here, 'don't get distracted'.  In this 3d palace, BLOG, I undress my mind and heart, i walk mindfully into the ether, the open valley, sometimes called the Akashic records, to pick flowers and share them with all of you.  Because 'the world is mental' one mind, one heart, we go out into the field together.  We marvel at the beauty of each special being, idea and so forth.  We enjoy, honor and learn, we play, meet, inquire and love; we live our dreams into being.  We, the ONE, are co creating this now.  Thank you for the inspiration to dream awake.